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Do You Have Enough Life Insurance?

September is National Life Insurance Month! To “celebrate,” we’re helping you determine if you have enough life insurance coverage to protect your family. The financial lives of medical professionals tend to be complex, and many doctors are the primary earners for their families. So, life insurance plays a vital role in protecting your family’s financial well-being in the event of an unexpected loss.  Here are the top things you to…

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Your Loved One Is Considering Moving Into A Retirement Community In Charleston, SC, Now What?

There may come a time when a parent, in-law, close relative, or other loved one no longer wants to live in their own home. Or, as their health declines, it becomes unsafe for them to continue living independently, making a retirement community an excellent option. Whether for personal reasons, medical concerns, or a combination, it’s essential to plan for what this next step looks like.  Charleston is home to several…

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3 Core Types of Equity Compensation You May Come Across As A High-Earner

Did someone say equity compensation? Equity compensation is quickly growing as a popular payment method in various industries like tech, medical, pharma, and business. As you grow in your career, you’ll likely see more equity compensation on the table. Providing equity is an excellent way for companies to reward and retain top talent. While “stock options” is often used to describe all types of equity compensation, there are several common…

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The Best Volunteer Spots For Retirees This Summer In Charleston, SC

Volunteering is wonderful for so many reasons. It allows you to give back to the community, connect with a cause you’re passionate about, and make new friendships. With all the benefits, it’s no wonder retirees make volunteering a significant part of their lives. More than 60% of retirees over the age of 55 are volunteering in some capacity.1     With summer in full swing, now’s the perfect time to go outside…

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3 Interesting Considerations With a 401(k) Rollover

When starting a new job, the paperwork feels never-ending. Your employer needs answers about insurance, benefits, stock options, beneficiaries, etc. Among those decisions, you likely have the chance to take automatic deductions from your paycheck for a 401(k). The great thing about this is that you’re saving for retirement without thinking about it!  But at some point in your career, you may find it beneficial to move money out of…

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What’s A Roth Conversion and Is It A Good Move For You?

High-earners, like most doctors, surgeons, and physicians, face an interesting conundrum when saving for retirement. They need to save more than most to maintain their lifestyle, but they can’t directly access certain savings accounts, like Roth IRAs. Roth IRAs are especially useful for young physicians earning less now than they likely will in the coming decades. But if you’re making more than $144,000 filing single ($214,000 if married, filing jointly)…

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A Quick Guide To Help You Navigate Your Hospital Benefits

If you’re a physician working for a large medical system, there are likely several benefits to consider. You may not have given them much thought when signing on, but it’s essential to regularly review benefits like your retirement savings options, insurance policies, stock options, and more. Here are a few common hospital benefits to address. Retirement Most of us rely on the retirement savings plans our workplaces offer us, and…

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