Planning Scenarios

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We know life has it’s challenges but we are here to make it easier.

At Partners in Financial Planning, we encounter many financial planning challenges.  With these financial planning scenarios you will learn some of the most common concerns our clients face and the ways a partnership with us and our service offerings may be of help to you.

While these scenarios represent possible real-life planning challenges, they are fictional and not intended to present the outcomes achieved for any real financial planning client.

Growing Wealth
Financial Planning Scenario – Executive Retirement

Gary wants to retire early but there are a number of questions he and his wife Tina have that require…

Death of Spouse
Financial Planning Scenario – Death of Spouse

Monica is 45 and raising two young children on her own, after her husband Tom suddenly died of a heart…

Retirement Preparedness
Financial Planning Scenario – Retirement Preparedness

Bob and Joanne are already empty nesters when they realize retirement is just around the corner.  Bob and Joanne are…

Medical Professional
Financial Planning Scenario – Medical Professional

Rob and Nancy are unsure about how to invest and how much to save.  They also are unsure if their…

Young Adult
Financial Planning Scenario – Young Adult

John is 30 years old and has just begun saving. John knows he needs to begin taking steps that would…

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