Financial Planning Scenario – Executive Retirement

Gary wants to retire early but there are a number of questions he and his wife Tina have that require professional assistance.

Their questions are:

  • Are our resources sufficient to do what we want to in retirement?
  • What will our health insurance costs be and how do we choose the right plan?
  • Are there advantages in consolidating company retirement accounts?
  • What should be our retirement income plan to accomplish our goals?
  • We want to continue giving to charities, so what should be our strategy during our retirement years?
  • How do we accomplish all these goals in the most tax efficient way?

Gary and Tina have aging parents they take care of and are concerned their hard-earned savings won’t last for their retirement years. We would recommend our Financial Freedom service for Gary and Tina. Some of the steps we would likely recommend are:

  • Evaluate Gary and Tina’s goals and create a plan that allows Gary to retire when he desires, without the stress of whether an early retirement would be feasible.
  • Evaluate their health insurance options to determine the best plan for their family.
  • Take advantage of Net Unrealized Appreciation rules, by consolidating Gary’s company retirement accounts to save them significant taxes over the long-term.
  • Provide a retirement income plan that would lay out how to generate the income needed to accomplish their goals, in the most tax efficient manner.
  • Recommend a charitable strategy that would save taxes compared to how they have been donating.

By helping Gary and Tina with their concerns, they can happily enjoy their retirement days with confidence and a sense of accomplishment!


The scenario presented is hypothetical in nature, and not intended to be a testimonial or endorsement of Partners in Financial Planning LLC. This scenario is intended to illustrate the services we offer, but does not represent the results or experience of actual clients. The strategies discussed are not appropriate for everyone and should not be considered investment or tax advice. Clients should review their unique situation and financial needs with a qualified advisor and inquire about the various benefits and risks involved with specific services and strategies.

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