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Staying Active and Healthy in Charleston: Retirement Addition

Around 45% of retirees are considered sedentary despite the essential benefits of being active in retirement.1 Staying physically and mentally active can help you remain sharp, avoid serious injury, mitigate the risk of isolation or depression, and ward off diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. While you may not be comfortable lifting barbells or running marathons, there are plenty of fun, safe ways to get your steps in and…

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Transitioning to Retirement: Phased Retirement and Succession Planning for Physicians

With long work weeks and a passion for helping others, the thought of a traditional retirement may turn some physicians off. However, leaving work behind can be more complicated than people realize, which is why adopting a phased retirement plan can be appealing. Below, we’re exploring what goes into a phased retirement and some succession planning considerations to keep in mind. What Phased Retirement Looks Like in Healthcare Let’s start…

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Estate Planning 101: Helping Your Parents Secure Their Legacy

What you can do to help your parents avoid common estate planning mistakes and effectively prepare for the future.

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Is It Possible to Save for Retirement While Paying Down Debt? (The Answer Is Yes!)

If you’re struggling to prioritize paying down debt and saving for retirement, here are a few tips for striking the right balance.

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Debt Management in the Years Before Retirement

If you’re concerned about how your debt repayment obligations will impact your lifestyle in retirement, now’s the time to reduce.

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The Credit Check: Managing Student Loan Debt and Credit Health for Physicians

Your dedication to becoming a licensed medical professional has taken you on a long, rewarding educational journey. But, as you’re all too familiar with, that journey has come at a cost. Nearly three-quarters of all medical students graduate with student loan debt—often substantial debt. Medical professionals owe, on average, $250,995.1   If you’re in the process of building a healthy financial foundation for yourself and your family but are burdened with…

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Exploring Charleston’s Hidden Gems: A Retiree’s Guide

Until you visit Charleston, you don’t truly appreciate how much this city offers. If you’re thinking about relocating here in retirement, there’s no doubt you’ll find plenty of fun activities to fill your days with. To help you get a taste of what Charleston has in store, here are some of our favorite hidden gems in and around the city. The Serenity of White Point Garden If you’re already visiting…

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