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How You Can Financially Prepare for Natural Disasters in South Carolina

South Carolina is a gorgeous, geologically diverse state with incredible culture, food, adventure, and hospitality. Suppose you’re thinking about moving to South Carolina in retirement. In that case, however, it’s critical to consider that this southern state is situated along the coastline — making it subject to significant natural disasters. From hurricanes and flooding to heat waves and thunderstorms, Mother Nature can take a toll on those living in the…

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Fraud and cybercrime are serious threats

Tips For Preventing Fraud

Our firm plays an important role in helping safeguard your assets, but you can also take action yourself to protect and help secure your information.

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5 Signs You Need to Work With a Financial Planner

When do you know it’s time for you to work with a financial planner? Here are five tell-tale signs to look for.

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3 Essentials Physicians Need For a Successful Investment Portfolio

Physicians face unique financial challenges. We’ve identified three essentials every physician's investment strategy needs.

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The Financial Details Physicians Need to Know Before Starting a Private Practice

Around 49.1% of physicians work in private practices.1 If you’re looking to join the ranks of physicians-turned-business-owners, you have an exciting journey ahead. But much of your future success and ability to sustain a profitable practice will depend on the financial details and logistics you work through now. To help you build your to-do list and create a comprehensive plan, we’ve outlined the important financial considerations to make when starting…

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Starting a New Employment Contract? The 6 Negotiation Strategies Physicians Need to Know

Receiving a new job offer is exciting, and it presents an opportunity for physicians to negotiate a better compensation package than they had before. Once the rounds of interviews are over, you may be tempted to say yes to the first offer a potential employer makes. But if you hold off on signing the offer letter, you can secure more favorable terms and set the stage for a successful professional…

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Why Should You Work With a Fee-Only Financial Advisor In Retirement?

Approaching retirement, every financial decision you make matters. As you prepare to enjoy a life of financial independence, knowing you have the right partner and guide in your corner is essential. But did you know that not all financial advisors are created equal? You can learn much about their motivations, intentions, and regulatory standards based on how an advisor is compensated. Let’s look at what a “fee-only” financial advisor is…

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