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Dr. Marc Milstein Presentation sponsored by Partners in Financial Planning LLC

Dr. Marc Milstein Virtual Presentation “The Age-Proof Brain”

Maintaining Brain Health as We Age - Virtual Event Organized by PIFP

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Protecting Your Identity, Data, and Assets

It’s Not a Matter of If, but When… 17.6 million people experienced identity theft in 2014. 63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default, or stolen passwords. Identity fraud is a serious issue. Fraudsters have stolen $112 billion in the past six years, equating to $35,600 stolen per minute. Common Cyber Threats Email Account Takeover What is it? A cybercriminal hacks an email account and reads emails to learn about…

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Blackwood Department of Real Estate at Virginia Tech

Seth Carter, an associate financial planner at Partners in Financial Planning, LLC, visited Professor Clements' Careers in Real Estate (1014) class on November 30th.

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How The Inflation Reduction Act Impacts The Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Gas prices seem to have a mind of their own this year. While the Charleston, SC and Roanoke, VA areas weren’t hit the hardest, prices still rose to about $4.60 per gallon this summer.1  After months of global economic volatility impacting prices at the pumps, purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) is becoming more appealing. For example, Teslas are sleek, fun cars of the future, and even major car makers like…

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PIFP at Richfield Living Wellness Day

Richfield Living 2022 Wellness Day

It was a great day at Richfield Living’s first Wellness Day event to promote their 8 pillars of wellness - Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Emotional, Vocational, Social, Intellectual and Environmental. Partners in Financial Planning was a participant with team members Stephen Bain and Seth Carter.

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Partners in Financial Planning Blog - The PIFP Story: What It's Like To Work With Us
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The PIFP Story: What It’s Like To Work With Us

We know you have so many options for working with an advisor. Thousands of firms are at your fingertips, especially in a world gone virtual. How do you even begin to choose? The relationships we develop with clients go far beyond finances. We enjoy creating deep, long-lasting connections with people who enjoy our company and trust in our advice. That’s why we wanted to share the Partners in Financial Planning…

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Creating More Buzz for Non-Profits

Twelve non-profits have been featured on Buzz since the debut in August 2020 on Blue Ridge PBS. A look back at all the good that was buzzing around at Buzz4Good.

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