Comprehensive fee-only financial planning means providing a varied array of complex services; services that match your needs and goals over all the days and years of your life and the lives of those you love.

couple-walkingThere will be years that a certain service will be of high priority to you – retirement planning in middle age or college savings while your children grow up. There will be sad and happy periods in your life when an increased level of financial planning activity will be needed, like marriage, divorce, or being widowed. There will be times when you are proactive (like your estate planning) and other times when you must quickly react as with an unexpected loss of income.

Each and all of us will travel life’s road, sometimes stumbling or facing barriers, then needing to change direction. Occasionally we will encounter the unexpected or the confusing, and hopefully always accompanied by our loved ones and our trusted partners. It is our intention, as your financial planning partners, to design and provide the services and relationship that keep you secure during all phases of your life’s journey.