Partners in Financial Planning holds the following core values:


  • We care deeply about you. Our total focus is on your financial goals. We have a fiduciary responsibility to always put your interests first.
  • Our only compensation will come from the fees you pay. We will never sell products or earn commissions.
  • We see our relationship with you as a partnership and our work toward your financial goals as collaborative. We provide continuing support and advice, and we strive to be available, attentive, reliable and proactive.
  • We believe in open and honest communication. We encourage you to tell us when you are confused or unhappy.  We will work hard to address your concerns.
  • We are committed to your and our continuous education. We place a high priority on both keeping our financial knowledge up to date and to passing our knowledge on to you in an easy to understand manner.
  • We believe that financial planning is an ongoing process, and the initial financial plan is just a starting point.
  • We will provide an enjoyable and rewarding work environment for our employees and recognize their valuable role in the partnership with our clients.
  • We believe in being involved in our civic and professional communities. We strive to contribute to the welfare of the community where we live and to improve the profession in which we work.