• woman-dogEvery investment has risk and offers potential rewards. We help you evaluate your goals and tolerance for risk, and we build an investment plan that addresses both.
  • We seek to invest your portfolio so that it will provide the return you need with the lowest possible risk.
  • We believe that the way to achieve lower risk is through an appropriately diversified portfolio with your investments allocated among different asset classes.
  • We take time to educate you, and to explain complicated financial topics in an easy to understand manner.
  • We believe that developing an asset allocation appropriate to your goals and risk tolerance is the most important step in the investment management process.
  • We help set target allocations for each asset class, and we recommend regular rebalancing.
  • We don’t believe in timing the stock market. We believe in setting a target allocation and sticking with it until your goals change.
  • We favor a passive approach to investing.  We utilize index funds, Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA) funds, low cost ETFs (exchange-traded funds), and other no-load funds.
  • We typically use these asset classes: cash, U.S. and foreign bonds, U.S. stocks, foreign developed stocks, foreign emerging markets stocks, commodities and real estate.